Break expectation 【Go Beyond】

Our business concept is to "look at things from a different angle or to think outside the box".

We specialize in the advertisement, creative work, beauty/makeup, and product development and we offer one-stop services, from consulting/project planning, photo shooting/filming, to editing.
Adding an artist, Amazing JIRO's knowledge, and skills that he acquired through his career in face painting and mold making, we are able to provide you creative ideas and work.
We enjoy creating something new to the world to break people's expectation in a good way.
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Shanic Maiyel CO.,LTD.

Date of establishment : 21st Jan 2016
Fumiaki Mae [ CEO ] / Kazutaka Sakagami (Amazing JIRO)

Head Office

#701 Shibuya Sanshin Mansion
29-33 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya-ku
Tokyo JAPAN 150-0031


B1 Kyodo Bld 2-2-17 Soto-kanda
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo JAPAN 101-0021

Main Business Activities

Advertising, Creative Production, Product / Service
Beauty and Make-up works, Merchandizing


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Amazing JIRO

Face & Body Paint / SFX Makeup / Film / Advertisement / Events / Fashion, and more. Works as creative/design director and art director in a wide range of fields.

After graduating Tokyo University of the Arts and entering the world of special effect makeup, JIRO established JUR Co., Ltd. Currently, JIRO works not only as special effects makeup artist but also as a creative director in film, drama, TVCM, and other fields. His power of expression and solid techniques are highly praised by people in and out of the country. JIRO is attracting attention as a reformer of face paint, SFX makeup, and art.

After winning 2 championships at TV TOKYO’s, TV Champion - Special Effect Makeup Artists Championship, JIRO became a certified champion. He was also introduced as one of the "Make-up Around the World: The Global Family of Artists" on the Make-up Artist Magazine, which is read in more than 70 countries. He creates artwork with advanced painting techniques and attracting the world with his power of ideas and high-quality works.

In 2014, JIRO established an artist group, KAGE6SHA that consists of 6 different genres: face & body paint, special effects makeup, hair & beauty makeup, costume design, wall paint, and magic.

  • WORKS (Excerpt)

  • Fashion and Design Tradeshow, rooMS 31 - Guest Artist
  • AKB48 - Halloween Night
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Crazy Party Night "Pumpkin no gyakushu"
  • Bifesta Halloween Beauty Movie
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Rola Shibuya Billboard Ads
  • Audi CM The new Audi A4
  • GANTZ:O Special Exhibition Poster and Billboard Ads
  • Docomo Galaxy S7 edge
  • Bacardi Wanted Halloween
  • Toyota Esquire
  • Jewelry brand N.e Sputniko! Collaboration ads and movie
  • Lotte Choco Pie Royal Milk Tea
  • Soccer Game FIFA World Class Soccer 2016
  • Lipton Halloween Campaign
  • Tokyo Game Show 2015 Grancypher of Granblue Fantasy Booth
  • Shinjuku Takashimaya Halloween 2016 Window Display
  • KAMUY A New Experimental Film Experience
  • Uranai Festival 2017 in HARAJUKU
  • KATE Amazing Girl’s Sketch Special WEB Movie
  • Peach John The Catalogue 100th Anniversary Issue The Story of "BIG LOVE"
  • Awards

  • TV Tokyo’s 5th and 6th TV Champion Special Effect Makeup Championship – First prize
  • Make-up Artist Magazine’s Make-up Around the World: The Global Family of Artists
  • DSA Design Space Award 2016 Best 50 “Cygames Granblue Fantasy Booth”

Amazing JIRO Profile 2017.

Shanic Maiyel

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