Mind-blown painting skill and innovative trick that amazed the world!
The greatest makeup with just a painting brush. JIRO's first art book .

〈About the book〉
- Includes JIRO's face & body paint artwork, behind-the-scenes stories of production, and other work he has created for advertising and movies.
- JIRO's long interview about his childhood and background.
- Comments from celebrities of various fields who JIRO collaborated with: Takashi Murakami, Shinji Higuchi, Kaela Kimura, Gekidan Hitori, Yuni Yoshida, Nobumichi Tosa, Keiji Muto, Cyril, LiLiCo, and Sakura Miyawaki(HKT48/AKB48).

[About the author]
After graduating Tokyo University of the Arts and entering the world of special effect makeup, JIRO established JUR Co., Ltd. Currently, JIRO works not only as special effects makeup artist but also as a creative director in film, drama, TVCM, and other fields.
His power of expression and solid techniques are highly praised by people in and out of Japan. JIRO is attracting attention as a reformer of face paint, SFX makeup, and art.
After winning 2 championships at TV TOKYO TV Champion - Special Effect Makeup Artists
Championship, JIRO became a certified champion. He was also introduced as one of the "Make-up Around the World: The Global Family of Artists" on the Make-up Magazine, which is read in more than 70 countries.
In 2015, he appeared as a special effects makeup artist on the TV show, "Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai" (TBS).
In recent years, he is making a significant contribution as a creative director and leading the projects with his design and supervision.
With his cutting-edge painting skill and incredible art, he now has more than 111K Instagram followers.
He is attracting the world with his out-of-the-box ideas and high-quality work.


Art director & design: Keiichiro Oshima / Aya Naito

Price: \3,600 + tax
ISBN 978-4-89815-467-0

Published : 2017
Specifications: 182×257mm / 144 pages

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